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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sequence of movement of Mars.-1

I saw the videos of motion of Mars published by Shri. Oak. It is an excellent and imaginative use of the software he has got. I now review what the first four Videos show.
1. Mars starts on 16th Oct 5563 BCE South of ecliptic at Shravan, comes on Ecliptic ‘at Rohini’ and goes to North of Ecliptic at Rohini itself and then proceeds to reach Magha on 13th Aug. 5562 BCE, remaining north of ecliptic.
2. Proceeds to Chitra on 18th Nov. 5562 BCE, goes further to Swati, then goes retrograde back to Chitra – 6months near Chitra-Swati- till 19 May 5561 BCE
3. Becomes Prograde and proceeds to Anuradha crossing to south of ecliptic, a little before Anuradha, on 25th June 5561 BCE
4. Proceeds to Jyeshtha on 7th July 5561 BCE and then further to Shravan and upto Dhanishtha on ecliptic on 16th Oct. 5561 BCE
Now do these details match what Karna and Vyasa said?
1, Vyasa said Mars was Vakra at Magha. The Video shows Mars crossed the Ecliptic At Rohini, 6 Nakshatras behind Magha. Accepting Shri. Oak’s interpretation of Vakra motion, Mars should have crossed the Ecliptic at Magha, not Rohini! Mars did not come back to the ecliptic for long thereafter.
Also Mars was at Magha more than one year before the war date, yet Vyasa talks about the event in present tense. Vakra motions of Jupiter in Shravan, mentioned in the same shloka by Vyasa, again in present tense, actually happened 6 months and one year after war! Lots of discrepancies.
2. Mars did go retrograde between Chitra and Swati and came back to Chitra. It can be accepted as ‘चित्राम् पीडयते ग्रह:’
Only problem is that it happened long before the war and yet Karna talks about it in present tense. To justify Karna’s use of present tense, Mars should still be at Chitra!
3. Mars then crosses Ecliptic, but before Anuradha, not at Jyeshtha. So ‘कृत्वा अंगारको वक्र:’ is OK but not ‘ज्येष्ठायाम्’. Also it happened in July 5561 BCE. So why Karna talks about it in present tense?
‘अनुराधाम् प्रार्थयते मैत्रम्’ indicates that Mars was still close to Anuradha, approaching it. (Mars had just passed by Anuradha,having earlier crosses the ecliptic.) Actually, by Oct 5561 BCE, Mars was nowhere near Anuradha! It has moved five nakshatras ahead as though Anuradha had rejected the friendship!
4. At the time of war, Mars is described by Vyasa to be at Shravan. This description is fairly matched by what the video shows. Mars however appears a little beyond Shravan and closer to Dhanishtha on the ecliptic.
5. Crossing of Ecliptic by Mars is nicely seen in the Videos, though at wrong places. Question remains as to how Vyasa or anyone else could have noticed it. There is no thick yellow line in the real sky, as in the Video, to show the Ecliptic! Also motion of mars in the sky shown in the videos in a few minutes is actually over several months. So how the crossing could have been seen? This problem does not arise for noting retrograde (or Apasavya) motion. It can be seen without the ecliptic line.
On the whole, although the four Videos show all the motions of Mars mentioned by Karna and Vyasa, the location of going vakra or the timing indicated by use of present tense has serious mismatch problems.

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