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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Time Line of Krishna Shishtai.

Before the war between Kauravas and Pandavas began, Krishna visited Hastinapur to make a last minute effort to avoid the war. It is described in great detail in Udyogaparva. When I first read it, I paid no attention to some astronomical points mentioned in the description. There was no sense of having missed anything or any gap. The story continues uninterrupted .
Effort for getting back the kingdom lost by Pandavas in the Dyoota/Anudoota sequence got under way immediately after Abhimanyu’s marriage when all supporters of Pandavas had gathered. Drupada had pointed out that war would be inevitable but peace negotiations will have to be gone through, friends contacted and armies gathered. The entire rainy season was spent in exchange of emissaries with Kouravas and contacting all kings to gather support, by both sides. Dhritarashtra, without going into merits of Pandavas’ claim of having completed terms of Anudyuta, and knowing fully well that Duryodhan would never give back Indraprastha, advised the Pandavas that if Duryodhana gives anything, take it, otherwise live on the charity of Virata, Drupada or Yadavas but don’t go to war and if you do it YOU will be responsible for our Family being killed off. He had slammed the door shut. One is reminded of Hitler’s ultimatums.
Against this background, having no hope of succeeding, Krishna made a dash to Hastinapur. He clearly told Yudhishthira that the visit is only to clear his conscience that he did not shirk from making the effort to avoid the war, when he had good rapport with both sides. Pandavas were apprehensive that Krishna may come to harm but he reassured them. Before this visit, supporters of Pandavas, with their armies, had already gathered at Upaplavya. There was no time to lose. If decision was not quickly made, unity may be lost. This was the background. Keeping aside the Nakshatras etc. what the story says is that Krishna started from Upaplavya in the morning, travelled whole day, spent the evening and night at a village on way and reached Hastinapur next day by evening. Rejecting Duryodhana’s invitation to stay at his place, he went to Vidura’s place for the night. He had a long dialogue with Vidura and Kunti at night and explained why he was making the peace effort. Vidura and Kunti wished him well but held out no hope.
Next day, before noon the meeting in Kaurava Darbar took place. All Kuru dignitaries and many others were present. Krishna addressed his speech to Dhritarashtra, rather than to Duryodhana, presented Pandavas’ claim forcefully, pointed out advantages of peace to the entire Kuru family and their friends like Yadavas. He also conveyed Yudhishthira's compromise offer of accepting only 5 villages as pandavas' share. It became clear that Dhritarashtra was shielding behind Duryodhana and pleading helplessness. Bheeshma was non-committal. In reply. Duryodhana rejected Pandavas’ claim of having completed 12 and 1 years in Vanavasa and Adnyanavasa and asked them to go for 12 more years of vanavasa as per terms of the Dyuta. He further said that if Pandavas wanted war he was ready.
His argument was irrefutable. No one forcefully supported Pandavas’ claim to have completed 13 years. Duryodhana also said that Pandavas had no claim as such, at any time but being young he could not stop Bheeshma from giving them a share in the first place. Now he was not prepared to give even five villages asked for by Yudhishthira. Neither Dhritarashtra nor Bheeshma-Drona appeared ready to take the extreme step suggested by Krishna, of ousting Duryodhana from his position of virtual king. So nothing further remained to be said or done. In anger, Duryodhana thought of arresting Krishna, but must have realized that it would be futile. It would also be foolish to provide Krishna a reason to take Pandavas’ side openly. At the end of the meeting Krishna squarely blamed Dhritarashtra, Bheeshma and other dignitaries for their inaction and announced that he was going back. He went back to Vidura, reported what happened to him and Kunti. She now gave her message to her sons to do their duty as Kshatriyas. Next day, either in the morning or evening, Krishna returned to Upaplavya.
When returning he took Karna on his Ratha and made an effort to bring him around to Pandavas’ side. Krishna is supposed to have revealed the secret that Karna was Kunti’s eldest son. Karna did not budge and in the end, Krishna sent through him his message to Kauravas to meet at Kurukshetra for the war. Then he went back to Upaplavya as fast as he could.
These are the only events that took place during Krishna’s visit as stated in the Mahabharata Text. I have omitted the Vishva Roop Darshan katha as I don't believe in it. No other meetings or discussions took place as obviously there was no scope for it now. Total story runs for 4 days maximum. Why I say Krishna may have returned on the 4th day in the morning or evening? I will elaborate on it in due course.

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