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Monday, September 26, 2016

Short Krishnapaksha before start of Mahabharat War.

I have shown in an earlier post that a very short krishna paksha as described by Vyasa to have occured just prior to start of war is very much possible. It occured in Sept 2016 and the period from end of Purnima to Start of Amavasya was 311 hours and that between End of Purnima and End of Amavasya (The full Krishnapaksha) was 335 1/2 hours. Both these were well below the equivalent of 14 thithis and 15 tithis.
As against these short periods, I invite Shri. Oak to find out by use of his software the periods which occured in 5561 BCE in the fortnight ending on 16th Oct. This will quantitatively establish the 'shortness' or otherwise of that Paksha and will test his claim in his book that it was short. I have no software so cannot do it myself. Any other reader having recourse to that type of software can also try his hand at it.


Nilesh Oak said...

will do and report.

प्रभाकर फडणीस P.K. Phadnis said...

I am still awaiting the data from Shri. Oak or any other reader having access to suitable software.

Sameer Barve said...

I will try this with the help of Voyager and post details here. If you are free, you can also download and try Voyager from the link given below-


प्रभाकर फडणीस P.K. Phadnis said...

Thanks. I have got Voyager now and am learning to use it. If it provides timing of start and end of a tithi the verification can be done. Pl. post here or send me e-mail if are able to determine the time between end of Purnima and beginning of Amavasya which will show whether the Krishnapaksha was actually very short. In the case reported by me it was 311 hours.
I understand there are reservations about accuracy of information the various softwares give in respect of moon, when one goes 5000 or 7000 years back. Will it affect the time interval?