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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Short Krisnapaksha in Bhadrapada also!

I continued to check for short Krishnapaksha for the following month of Bhadrapada. It shows some interesting features.
1. Purnima is shown on 16th Sept. Purnima had begin at 3-15 AM. It continued for the whole day and ended 35 minutes after midnight.
2. Krishnapaksha began from 17th Sept and continued till 30th Sept. 5 hr.41min. after midnight. Total length of the Krishnapaksha ending on end of Amavasya will be 14 full days and 5 hrs. or 341 hours.
3. The gap between end of Purnima and start of Amavasya (on 29th Sept 3hrs. 41 min. after midnight) is 13 full days and 3 hrs. 20 min. or 315 hrs. 20 minutes.
4. Both these measures of krisnapaksha have shown an increase over the previous month. An interesting feature is that on 21 Sept. both tithis 5 and 6 are shown. There is Tithi lope or kshaya of one tithi in Bhadrapada also as was the case in Shravan.
5. A lunar eclipse is shown on the Purnima - 16th Sept. - but it is only nominal.
6. There are 13 days between Purnima day 16th Sept. and Amavasya day 30th Sept. So it is still a short paksha of 14 days instead of 15 days. Vyasa has said that 14 day, 15 day or even occasionally 16 day paksha is no big deal.
7. The length of Krishnapaksha will now continue to show growth for some months untill it reaches the high point and then it will start reducing. I will look for the NEXT short Krishnapaksha with interest but I do not expect to see a 12 day paksha with lunar and solar eclipses at either end tagged on, anytime in the near future. I happened to land on one last month to my delight.

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